Do Football Speakers Hold the Key to High-Performance Corporate Teams?

Football speakers are valued for their understanding of teamwork, leadership and communication – the perfect recipe for high performance teams.


Regularly booked for corporate events, their first-hand experience of high-pressure environments makes these players experts on overcoming challenges as a unit. For a team to succeed, each member must operate to the same high standard, and support each other through challenges, as footballers do.

Find out why football speakers hold the key to high-performance corporate teams, below.

Shared Purpose

When all members of a team come together in unison, something beautiful happens – success. Each footballer within a team has a shared purpose to succeed, similarly to the workplace, where every employee has a responsibility to bring in revenue through their unique role. From interns to the CEO, a common drive should be to operate at the highest standard, with the measurement for success being profitability.

For football speakers, this measurement for success is numerical, boiling down to how many goals are scored and points are earned. Football motivational speakers hone a corporate teams’ focus, encouraging all staff members to find motivation from the same purpose. The key to high-performance teams, is a common goal.

Unique Roles & Responsibilities

In a team, every member has their unique role. From strikers to midfielders, centres to the goalkeeper, no two football positions are the same. As such, they all require a different skillset. When each player is thriving in their specific role, the quality of the whole team can improve – a team is only as strong as their weakest player.

In the workplace, your staff’s skills must perfectly compliment their roles, exhibiting the ideal traits needed for their responsibilities. From negotiating client contracts to managing financial accounts, football guest speakers resonate with all members of your staff, teaching them the importance of individuality for high-performance teams. Your team’s greatest asset is their individual approaches to a shared purpose.


With the crowd cheering, feet pounding on the turf and the sound of your breath heaving with exhaustion, communication on the football pitch requires innovation. Body language is one of the key methods of communicating where the ball is, and where it needs to go, keeping your team focused and prepared. At corporate events, football speakers discuss the different channels for communication, teaching audiences how their body language can influence others.

Listening is just as important as talking, as without listening, there is no communicating. Football speakers retell the moments in their career that mattered the most, including those times when listening to their teammates held the difference between winning and losing the match. These speakers can turn your workplace around, by encouraging corporate audiences to open to diverse perspectives and opinions, as well as give their own.

Conflict Resolution

Every football team has bad games, whether through a lack of focus or multiple red cards. When frustration and disappointment is high, it is not uncommon for people to take it out on the people closest to them, footballers included. Football speakers come equipped with strategies for conflict resolution, imperative for achieving peace in the workplace.

With different personalities working closely together, there is always going to be miscommunication, which can lead to conflict. Arm your team with the mindset needed to overcome disagreements and unite as a team, with a football speaker. A team that can grow from friction will be stronger than those who let disputes fester, an experience that all athletes have experienced at some point in their careers.

Change Management

Football after dinner speakers commonly discuss periods of change in their career at events, whether that be moving to a new club, being relegated or transitioning to commentary. With their careers in a constant state of fluctuation, one match differing from the next, these players have perfected the art of change management. When booked for events, football speakers teach corporate teams how to also adapt to change, through experience-driven strategies.

A team that can adapt and overcome challenges as a united front, will emerge stronger. The modern business market is full of hurdles, making it imperative to prepare your workplace for every eventuality. But, how can you do that? Successful footballers are both flexible and determined, able to think on fly and keep their eyes on the goal – football speakers instill these same qualities in their audience.

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