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About Champions Football

As an award-winning agency, Champions Football Speakers has expanded rapidly to partner brands with leading stars from the beautiful game. For 15 years our family business has been helping brands hit the back of the net with leading pundits, coaches and players at their events.

An international speakers agency with family values at the heart of what we do, our team are prompt, open and honest, reflecting the way we like to do business. Identifying the benefits of a speakers agency and going further to take the stress out of booking, we broker the best deals for brands, build long-lasting relationships and offer multi-booking discount to reward loyalty.

Why Choose Us

Featuring in the London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, the Telegraph 1000: Britain’s Brightest Businesses and in The Sunday Times, Fast Track 100 – Champions Football Speakers is a forward-thinking business. We understand the demands of our clients are ever-changing and invariably high, which is why our 90 team members,respond quickly to you and are adaptable to your business needs.

Gareth Davis, Chairman of two FTSE 100 companies and ex CEO of Imperial Tobacco, says

“Champions is a unique and exciting business. With unparalleled access to the best business leaders and sports personalities, not only in the UK but internationally too, they’re undoubtedly the best people to speak to if you’re looking to create impact for your brand or event.”


Why Book a Football Speaker?

With names from across all ages of the international game, we can pair brands with the most decorated stars to have played at the top-level.

In a game where every detail is scrutinized to ensure peak performance and maximise success, any possible edge is considered. Today, throw-in coaches, psychologists and nutritional experts are becoming a fixture of the game. Together, a club outlines a strategy to get the most of their team and the manager’s who are and have been at the heart of those key decisions are able to deliver insight into the way the game is played.

With a roster of available pundits, coaches and players that include the likes of Gary Lineker and Kevin Keegan, Harry Redknapp and Sir Alex Ferguson – Champions Football Speakers offer an unmatched opportunity to get close to legends of the game.

Browse and Book from our extensive range of football speakers today. For more information, get in touch with our team at Champions Olympic Speakers via our online form or call us at 0207 1010 553.