Top 10 Football Speakers to Inspire Leadership

Football leadership speakers hold the key to corporate success. With their passion for positive management and experience of high-performance teams, these experts have cracked the code for communication and co-ordination. Including football motivational speakers, these inspiring sporting stars resonate with business managers, to supply a toolbox of impactful leadership strategies, infused with transformational leadership theories.


Require an insightful football guest speaker for your event? Look no further than our leadership experts. If you are organising a corporate workshop, we would recommend our guide to high-performance corporate teams, which describes why football speakers are so influential.

Why is leadership important in the workplace?

Without strong leadership, a corporate team can lose focus and direction, distracting them from their common goal. Commonly in the form of management, leadership is the glue that holds a workplace together, as it builds moral, co-ordination and supplies guidance. These pinnacle figures can set the standard for the rest of the team, by communicating best practice guidelines and initiating positive action.

When you book a leadership expert, in the form of a football speaker, you will receive a comprehensive guide to communication, interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

Viv Anderson MBE

Former Nottingham Forest player and impactful football coach, Viv Anderson MBE boasts a comprehensive understand of leadership from multiple perspectives. This valuable insight resonates with managers and staff alike, teaching them the secrets to thriving in the face of competition. Whether he is discussing his experience of international football or subsequent punditry career, Viv’s leadership qualities shine through his successful career.

Fara Williams

From being homeless to earning 170 England caps, Fara Williams is one of the most inspiring footballers on the pitch. Her remarkable story includes her journey from the bottom to the top, and the self-motivation techniques she employed to achieve sporting success. With drive and determination, Fara teaches audiences the importance of strong leadership when ensuring that all players, and staff, operate to the best of their abilities.

Phil Neville

Coach of the all-female England team, Phil Neville is a leading authority on leadership. His pioneering work with the England team resulted in a respectable finish at the 2019 France Women’s World Cup, and firmly put female football on the map. In a male-dominated sport, Phil’s leadership sent a clear message; the beautiful game is a sport for everybody. As a speaker, he tailors his topics to best serve his audience’s leadership needs.

Eni Aluko

Boasting an incredibly distinguished career, Eni Aluko has earned several accolades, including the 2003 Young Player of the Year. Eni has played for clubs across the globe, including the formidable Chelsea Lades and Juventus. Off the pitch, it is her role as the first female pundit on BBC’s Match of the Day that truly sets her apart, and reflects Eni’s determined leadership.

Steph Houghton MBE

Exhibiting an inspiring passion for the sport she loves; England Captain Steph Houghton MBE has perfected the art of leadership. She is famed for her “humble yet heroic” leadership, and the support she offers each and every one of her players. This approach to leadership makes Steph stand out as a top-class captain, and a positively influential football speaker. From the Olympics to the World Cup, Steph continues to be one of the best players in the sport.

Sir Alex Ferguson CBE

Widely regarded to be one of the greatest managers of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson CBE is a football legend. Having led his team to a whopping 50 trophies, he has certainly exposed the secrets to formidable leadership! As a speaker, Alex discusses with audiences the strategies he used to engage and co-ordinate his team - from training practice to live competing.

Kelly Jayne Smith MBE

Kelly Jayne Smith MBE is one of England’s greatest footballers. She boasts a staggering 177 caps to her name, and 46 goals – a record that few will be able to beat! Whether she is working as a pundit for the Word Cup or discussing her heartbreaking experience of gender discrimination as a young player, audiences gravitate towards Kelly’s authenticity and genuine love of football.

Casey Stoney MBE

England and Team GB Captain, Casey Stoney MBE, is a leading figure in international football. With her unrivalled understanding of leadership, she set the women’s team on a trajectory for success – combined with her own 100 caps, Casey is a player that few can contend with. When booked for events, she inspires audiences to value the power of their leadership, replacing self-doubt with self-confidence.

Emile Heskey

Emile Heskey has enjoyed a football career at the dizzying heights of international competing, winning such prestigious competitions as the League Cup, UEFA Cup and the Super Cup. Named Man of the Match on more than one occasion, the World Cup scoring player has since proven his worth as a leader. Audiences receive a first-hand analysis of pinnacle games with Emile, including the leadership-driven mindset needed to succeed.

John Barnes

John Barnes’ leadership has greatly influenced football both on and off the pitch. Having vocally critiqued racism in football on more than one occasion, his personal experience and passion for equality keeps the sport on the right side of history. When booked for events, he discusses the importance of diverse leadership, as well as his highly successful sporting career with Liverpool Football Club and England’s National Team.

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